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Consulting Office Ohtori is based in Ashiya  and provides the following management services for small and medium enterprises :


  1. Managment consultation and processing
  2. Consultation related to management issues

  3. Company establishment assistance

  4. Succession a property and last will


Industry Credentials


Our firm was established in 2013, and is a Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist ("gyousei shoshi") and Consultant for small and medium enterprises ("tyushokigyo sindansi") office accredited by the Japanese government, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication

These licenses are mandatory to perform the services listed above at a client’s request in Japan.  We are also registered with:


  • Gyoseishoshi Lawyers of Ashia ;

  • Japan Federation of Gyoseishoshi Lawyer's Associations;

  • Japan Small and Medium Enterprises Management Consultant Associations.